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"Eat some of this, ya shitty f*cking game!" -Professor Shadow about to fire at the Lego Star Wars 2 DS cartridge.

The 34 Chrome is a handgun used in the MECU. It is designed for long range and has a high magazine capacity. The weapon fires powerful, large caliber bullets and is relatively accurate even in an untrained hand. The drawbacks include its relatively large size which causes it to be rather cumbersome to move around, and its chrome finish doesn't handle well in extreme heat making it briefly unusable and could even burn the hands of the user.

It is based off of the Star Wars character, Jango Fett's blaster, the WESTAR 34 and the 34 in its name is a reference to it.

Samuel Hill[]

Samuel Hill carries a 34 Chrome, but it is highly modified from the other models seen. While it appears the same, it has an old western style gunshot, and is slightly more lightweight.

Samuel Hill about to execute Jack.