The lore of the MECU is an exclusive aspect of this wiki. Through the individual lore pages you can learn more about characters and worlds that exist on the channel and get a deeper understanding of the universe. We also help use these pages to keep track of continuity.

Important things to know

  • Most of the lore is canon and only approved creators can write on lore pages without citing texts.
  • On the lore pages, information that was covered in official videos or other canon content will have an asterisk (*) in front of each paragraph. MAKE SURE TO SEPARATE WIKI EXCLUSIVE LORE AND LORE FOUND IN CONTENT BY INDIVIDUAL PARAGRAPHS.
  • Non approved creators may only add lore that was officially confirmed and they must cite the original information.

If you are interested in just the lore and don't care about any of this stuff then you should visit the Lore Hub.

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