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Alvarcius is a half-vampire, half-Wizard, hundreds of years old who is the head of the School of Necromancy and part of the Council Of Wizards. He was originally a normal vampire until he discovered:

  1. He had magic powers and was of Wizard descent and
  2. He could just resurrect any one after killing them to drink their blood again, essentially giving him a infinite life source.

Thusly, Alvarcius had no reason to stalk the night like most vampires and eventually stopped being vulnerable to sunlight, crosses, and most other vampire weaknesses(by his own word, he 'got over it'). Wanting to learn more about his powers eventually brought him to the Council Of Wizards, where he became a quick learner and soon ascended to his current position.

Alvarcius's school focuses on interacting with the dead/dying, and either learning about them, communicating with them, or even summoning them back to your side for a time. It can also be harnessed to drain life from pre-existing things.

Alvarcius prefers O- blood over most others, describing it as 'choosing whole milk over 2%'. This has, unfortunately, been met with much derision in the vampire community.