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Uh, guys, you know my name is actually Andy, right? - Andy, expressing his disdain at being misnamed constantly

Andy is the backup Hero of Dagenfall. His only appearance was in Dagenfall: Orgins.

Andy is a huge fan of Cellwind, and was happy to take up the call as 'Plan B' in case Jack denied the prophecy. Jack, however, is flabbergasted at his replacement, citing that 'Andrea would get lost in 5 minutes'. As they bicker, Andy tries to correct them on his name, only to be shouted at by both him and Cellwind.

Eventually, Jack reaches a boiling point and shoots Andy in the head, killing him. His body is teleported away by Cellwind soon after.

He is currently the only character played by Nottag.


Andy wears a orange t-shirt and sweatpants, along with a goofy smile and some sneakers.


Andy is goofy, easygoing, and somewhat brave, happy to help Cellwind save Dagenfall when called upon. However, he is also sensitive, meekly trying to correct Jack and him on his name and becoming downtrodden when insulted, having to sit on the floor almost to the point of tears. It doesn't last long, however, as one compliment from Cellwind is enough to perk him up yet again.


Andy doesn't get to display any abilities in the video he's starred in, but it can be implied he was capable as Cellwind nominated him as a replacement for Jack. He seems to be of normal human durability, a headshot from the original hero putting him down.



Cellwind is Andy's idol, and despite the wizard himself treating him less than kindly, he seems to view him with nothing but adoration, immediately perking up when he was called a 'noble hero'.


It's unknown what Andy thinks of Jack, but Jack views him with relative derision at being selected as the replacement hero, so much so that he kills him out of spite.