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Bob Brick is a living brick and the protagonist of the 2010 film, Bob Brick. Bob was created in a lab by Luigi for the purposes of destruction and combat, but was disowned when his abilities weren't up to standard. As a result, Bob and Luigi were on opposite sides of the war for domination until a face off where the two dueled it out until Bob ended up killing Luigi.

Bob has appeared in a few other videos and is one of the most prominent characters in the channel branding.


Despite being created as a mindless weapon, Bob has a sense of moral right and wrong. He has a deep hatred for Luigi for both disowning him and for forcing him to do horrible things in the past such as robbing a bank. Bob also has trouble coming to terms with the fact he was created by Luigi and tries to rationalize ways to deny it.

Bob appears to have a sense of humor which is odd for a being created for the purposes of being emotionless and appears to get great excitement out of combat and adventure.

Abilities and Skills[]

  • Building and destroying things
  • Electricity and Laser Powers
  • Skill with weapons

Bob was created as a destructive being and therefore is capable of taking apart other bricks and building them into something new, however he uses this skill for good. Bob also has good skill with a knife which he uses to fight and defeat Luigi with in the climax of Bob Brick.