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Here, take this sniper rifle! - Joe, erroneously naming the Bolt-Action Rifle while offering it to Cellwind.

The bolt-action rifle is a ranged firearm with a builtin scope, used by Cellwind against the Disappearing Mercenaries in Cellwind vs. Professor Shadow. It was offered to him by Joe, much to the chagrin of Professor Shadow, gunning down at least 3 mercenaries. Cellwind also used the rifle against Professor Shadow, but due to his invincibility, the rifle didn't kill him. However, it did do some damage and clearly staggered him enough to still show it's effectiveness.

One of Jesus' soldiers also used the rifle against ID in the finale of Locked Out.

The Rifle is green and has a flashlight/scope although the flashlight has yet to be used on screen. The green paint is chipped in some areas showing that the rifle is blue underneath. The prop of the rifle was made out of a plastic toy golf club, and so it has no trigger or bolt, yet the actors still partake in the gestures of firing and racking the bolt back.