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Oh, I'm not trying to change your opinion. I'm trying to remove it.

-Cellwind, before strangling Nick.

Cell W Ind, more formally known as Cellwind, is an elderly wizard and protagonist of the Dagenfall series. He is played by Nopendium.

He has made many appearances throughout the MECU, including Cellwind vs. Professor Shadow, Seinfeld Quest, and Dagenfall: Orgins.

Despite being a old, experienced wizard from Dagenfall, Cellwind seems to be a lecherous, diseased, crazed boomer who nevertheless is smart enough to orchestrate most of the events in the videos he appears in. The only time he didn't take up the protagonist role was in Orgins, where he still played a major role alongside Jack. The only things he seems to care about truthfully in life is the Super Mario Odyssey Collectors Coin, Seinfeld, Dagenfall, and his wizard gear. Little else motivates Cellwind from taking action, and would much rather shove all the work off onto someone else.

Despite this, Cellwind loves the thrill of combat, and is quite good at it...despite never using magic outside his first appearance. He's an amazing gunfighter and brawler, able to give even someone like Professor Shadow a run for his money. Cellwind quickly became friends with him, though, and now lays around his house doing literally fuckall.

Cellwind is a perverted and disgusting old man, and is facing 70 sexual assault accusations in light of the metoo movement. Also, he has a debilitating addiction to masturbation, going onto WVideos(The wizard equivalent of Xvideos) to watch the most depraved shit imaginable. He's there almost 10 times a day, leaving Cellwind's Computer a total wreck.


Cellwind is a cantankerous old coot who is stubborn and disagreeable. He is quick to anger and often overreacts to minor inconveniences such as Jack's refusal to save Dagenfall and Professor Shadow stealing his Super Mario Odyssey collectors coin. Cellwind is very violent and enjoys dispatching of enemies. He is wise and intelligent, but gets easily irritable from the incompetence of his peers. He is an avid fan of the television program, Seinfeld and will go to great lengths to destroy all of those who criticize it.


Cellwind is portrayed as an African-American Man. He is never seen without is tattered black and white cloak and a black pilgrim hat. He also carries around his long wooden staff that helps him perform magic, but also doubles as a weapon.

Abilities and Skills[]

  • Teleportation
  • Opening Portals
  • Distorting his voice and surroundings
  • Genius Level Intellect
  • Necromancy
  • Making things Vanish
  • Invincibility

Cellwind is very experienced in combat with all manors of weapons and powers. He is a proficient marksman, and skilled with using his staff to stab opponents. Cellwind also appears to be very strong and good at hand to hand combat as he is able to overpower his enemies physically and snap necks with very little effort. Despite his great combat skills, his old age has limited him in certain aspects as he occasionally has a bit of struggle defeating more powerful foes and usually needs to resort to firearms or specific strategies against such enemies. Cellwind also isn't very fast without the use of magic, and often needs to rely on surprise tactics to chase down fleeing opponents.



Cellwind has a disdain for Jack. While he was initially friendly to Jack and welcomed him to go on an adventure, Jack's pompous attitude severely tried Cellwind's patience. Cellwind still travels with Jack regularly and often has to do things himself due to Jack's idiocy.

Professor Shadow[]

Cellwind was initially an enemy of Professor Shadow and tried to kill him for stealing his Super Mario Odyssey collectors coin. However, he was able to make peace when they were equally matched in combat. The peace did not seem to last as Cellwind eventually visited Professor Shadow's Bungalow and shot him for not liking Seinfeld.


Cellwind and Joe appear to be good friends. Cellwind often friendly greets Joe when he sees him and Joe provided Cellwind with a rifle during his fight against the Disappearing Mercenaries (much to Professor Shadow's disapproval).

Samuel Hill[]

Samuel and Cellwind are at odds, due to Samuel wanting to protect Nick's rights when Cellwind attempted to kill him in Seinfeld Quest. He expresses disappointment in him when Nick is killed, but doesn't attempt to combat him further.

Nick The Dick[]

Nick hates Seinfeld with a passion, and thus is an enemy of Cellwind's. He is killed in Seinfeld Quest.


Andy is Cellwind's backup plan for saving Dagenfall and seems to be held in high regard by the wizard, despite him treating the replacement hero poorly.


  • Cellwind was born on October 31st. While this date is commonly associated with Halloween it is also known as national magic day.
  • Cellwind's favorite snack is "Wizard Food." His favorite movie is "Harry Potter," but only the scenes where wizards are in frame. His favorite video game is Wizard 101, which he has played for hours a day since its release and still has yet to pay for a premium account. He cannot play the game properly without screaming the word "WIZARD!" repeatedly at the top of his lungs for the entire duration of his gaming session.
  • Cellwind voted for candidate, Donald Trump in the 2016 election.
  • Cellwind wears a pilgrim hat because the store ran out of wizard hats. His punishment to the store clerk was to cast a hex on him that drove him insane and caused him to hatchet his own family to death before lighting himself on fire.
  • The name Cellwind is a parody of the character Selwyn the Enduring from the mobile game Dungeon Boss. This parody is only the name as other than being a wizard, the characters are nothing alike.

    The original wizard.