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The MultiCoolmovies channel has went through several major visual changes throughout the years. Some of these from personal choices and some from YouTube forcing users to change the layout against their will. Sadly, there are not too many archives of what the channel used to look like, so many of the oldest examples are lost to time.

Profile Picture[]

Screen Shot 2022-03-29 at 1.20.25 AM.png

The first ever profile pic was this frame from "Bob the Farmer." YouTube used to have a feature that allowed you to use a video frame as a thumbnail. This was used as a placeholder until the first logo was made between late August 2010-September 2010.

Multi OG Logo.png

The next logo was used first in "Lego Secret Agent" and remained the profile pic until 2012. It is the original minifigure of Multi in front of various characters.

Xmas 2 by multicoolpics d34p5hi-fullview.jpg

The Christmas icon was briefly used in December 2010 both for festivity purposes and to promote Bob Brick which would be releasing on Christmas Day. After the holiday season ended, the icon returned to being the previous one.


The "MultiCoolmovies Productions Logo" also known as "MultiCoolmovies NEW Logo" was the replacement for the 2010 icon. It is meant to pay homage to the original although with an updated minifigure of Multi and more characters in the background. It was first used in 100 videos in March of 2012. While this is no longer the icon for the channel, it still appears as one of the main production logos and the watermark on videos. This icon was retired in late 2017.

The "Eyecam Logo" is the current icon for the channel. It is of an anthropomorphic eyeball and was created in October 2017 and has been the icon ever since.


Multi never got into the Youtube Partner program before the One Channel update. All of these banners were used for the 2013-present channel layout.

Multi banner 2013 1.jpg

May 28th 2013 banner. The first ever channel art.

August 7th 2013 channel art.

Multicoolmovies channel art 3.png

December 5th 2013 Channel Art.

Channel art 2015.png

August 15th 2015 Channel Art.


September 3rd 2020 Channel Art. The current channel art.

Unused channel art[]

Multicoolmovies channel art 3 (1).pngChannel art 2015 (1).png