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"I'm Crazy Dave and I just shot up a school!" -Crazy Dave, introducing himself.

Crazy Dave is a brickonian man who appeared in Voldemort's Thanksgiving. He is played by Multi. He was invited to Voldemort's house for Thanksgiving and is implied to either be someone that went to high school with Voldemort or just a random guy that showed up. He is killed by one of Trump's bodyguards, because he randomly shoots in Trump's direction. Trump blocks the bullet with a kid, resulting in the kid's death. Trump is angry at Dave and mistakingly believes he attempted to assassinate him.


Crazy Dave is a mentally insane and dangerous hillbilly. He announces to everyone that he shot up a school before joining Voldemort's Thanksgiving meal and proceeds to shoot up into the air. Voldemort then questions the legitimacy of this claim when he mentions that schools are generally closed on Thanksgiving. Dave responds and says that it maybe was a senior citizen's home and that he gets the two mixed up.


Dave has filthy and unkempt hair and a mustache. He is showing signs of balding. He wears a red shirt and grey pants and has a hairy chest. He probably smells like shit. He carries a black assault rifle.

Skills and Abilities[]

Crazy Dave is prone to violence for no visible reason and has trouble reacting and perceiving the world around him. He is still pretty good with his rifle as he is shown expertly reloading it. Dave has no real motive or emotion towards his killing.