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"Dagenfall desparately NEEDS someone to save it!" - Cellwind, talking about the help Dagenfall will never receive

Dagenfall is a original series co-created by MultiCoolMovies and Nopendium, being a parody of fantasy series such as Skyrim or Lord Of The Rings. It details the protagonists Jack, Cellwind, and Andy (all shown in image) planning to save the realm of Dagenfall from the Skeleton King.

Unfortunately, the personalities of the trio cause lots of clashing, in which mayhem ensues that will tail them throughout their entire quest...

There's three episodes released: Dagenfall: Orgins, Cellwind Vs. Professor Shadow, and Seinfeld Quest.

One of the common themes and running gags of the series is its outright refusal to stick to a singular narrative. Every single episode begins a new story and leaves the ending open for a sequel yet a direct continuation of the episode never arrives. As a result, Dagenfall is more of an anthology series rather than a serial narrative.