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"Go f*ck yourself" -Trump, to Voldemort

Donald Trump is a businessman, tv personality, and the 45th president in the United States. He is obviously based on the real man of the same name.

Trump first appears in Voldemort's Thanksgiving, but he is not yet president during the time of the video and is instead president elect.

In the MECU, Trump is a brickonian who represents and exaggerated interpretation of Donald Trump. He is voiced by Multi, but future appearances of him will most likely be voiced by Nopendium as he does a better impression.

The portrayal of Trump is purely satirical and is not a reflection of the creator's personal political views.


Trump is extremely self centered and bigoted. He shoots Woody for being an immigrant, and grabs a child to protect himself from a gunshot from Crazy Dave, resulting in the child's death. Trump also has no respect for anyone, including Voldemort as he shows a dislike for his house and insults him.

Abilities and Skills[]

Trump appears to have some proficiency with firearms as he has been shown to use guns to kill people who he dislikes. Trump also able to spawn secret service agents at any given time, although they seem to be disposable in his eyes as he kills them after they serve their need.

Trump sacrificing a child's life to prevent himself from getting shot.