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"You, Joe, and Professor Shadow are f*cked."

-E.A.R.L, to Reviewbot

Electronic Autonomous Ranged Lecturer, better known by his acronym, E.A.R.L. is an artificial intelligence and robot built by Professor Shadow and an antagonist of the Professor Shadow series.

E.A.R.L. first appeared in the "Raid WW2" review by Reviewbot, but didn't make a formal appearance until the "Wild Woody" review and has been a minor recurring character ever since. Very little is known about his motives or future schemes, but it can be inferred that he is plotting revenge on Professor Shadow, Joe, and Reviewbot.


EARL is an extremely rude and nasty person, a sharp contrast to Reviewbot. He is incessantly profane, and has nothing but negativity to spread. EARL has no sense of humor, and frequently finds ways to cause discourse and hostility with his surroundings. EARL is also no stranger to violence as he uses his gun whenever annoyed. EARL is also very sensitive about his gun and will lash out at anyone who tries to touch it.

Skills and Abilities[]

Very little is known about what EARL is capable of, but it can be assured that he has great intelligence and is capable of vicious schemes. He is also a master manipulator as he is able to keep all of the others in the dark to his true intentions.

EARL is able to put on fake personas and seem like a pal whenever it benefits him, and can quickly change his personality from nice to bad at a moments notice.

EARL is a very good shot with his gun and appears to have unlimited ammo with it.


Professor Shadow[]

EARL has a strong hatred towards Professor Shadow and has even lost his cool and attacked him with his gun. Most of the time, Professor Shadow is oblivious to EARL's true feelings towards him and has no idea of his malevolent plans. EARL's hatred for Jeremiah most likely stems from being powered off and locked in the basement for 18 years. Professor Shadow himself has no recollection of why he left him in the basement, but appears to feel no remorse for it.


Reviewbot is the bane of EARL's existence. EARL is most likely jealous of Reviewbot's technological superiority to his and how Reviewbot was basically a replacement for him. It is unknown how much EARL knew about Reviewbot before his return from the basement as in The Legend of Frosty the Snowman review, Professor Shadow tells Reviewbot that him and EARL have never met before when Reviewbot asks him why EARL seems familiar. We know this is not the case, because they briefly met at the end of the "Raid WW2" review. It is unknown why Reviewbot does not remember that encounter.