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"Jerry, I'm gonna fucking strangle you!" -Gerry, a few moments after being the victim to Jerry's pranks.

Gerry is one of the main characters of Jerry and Gerry, and is a bricktopian. He is voiced by Multi.


Gerry is an easily irritable and angry person. He hates just about. everyone and everything, especially Jerry.


Gerry has a caucasian skin colored head, but a dark grey skeleton body with black arms and legs. While he has a smile on his face he is never happy.



Gerry absolutely despises Jerry. He constantly berates and insults him. Gerry is often annoyed by Jerry, but never seems to leave him, implying they have known each other for a while. Despite Gerry's hatred, he does sometimes seem to show mild consideration for his well being such as when he warned Jerry of the dangers of eating "bat soup" and how candy would rot his teeth out.