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"Get on, scum." -Grim1 demanding his passengers to board him.

Grim1 is an anthropomorphic tank engine, and a character in Bob Brick. He is a public transport system for Luigi's Base, and is utilized by many members of Lugi's Forces. He is very poorly maintained as he has a great amount of trouble starting up and often lets out black smoke. Unlike most locomotives, Grim1 does not appear to run on any sort of rail system and appears to have his own way of steering. Grim1 may also be possessed or haunted as a ghost has been seen coming out of his funnel. Jim fired a laser at him causing Grim1 to lose control and crash into a wall and explode, most likely resulting in the death of him and his coaches.


Grim1 gets his name from his angry and evil persona. He doesn't mind running over anyone who gets in his way and gets great joy out of causing chaos while transporting people around. He is extremely disrespectful to everyone and absolutely detests his job.


Grim1 is a very clear parody of Thomas the Tank Engine. He looks very similar, but is always angry and always has some sort of scowl with scary teeth. Grim1 is a blue steam engine with a number one on his sides. He pulls two coaches with him. Grim1 and his coaches are covered in graffiti and damage.