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Rosenstern, she took the kids! She took both my beautiful kids! - Guildencrantz, discussing his marital woes

Guildencrantz & Rosenstern are two named mercenaries working under Samuel Hill and the Disappearing Mercenaries hired by Professor Shadow. Their only appearance was in Cellwind vs. Professor Shadow. Guildencrantz is played by Multi, while Rosenstern is played by Nopendium. They share a brief conversation about their personal lives before Cellwind enters and fires a gun, immediately hitting Rosenstern in the head and killing him instantly. Guildencrantz calls him out as a 'foul villain' before engaging him in battle with his baseball bat. Unfortunately, he does not account for Cellwind pulling back his staff during their scuffle, and is killed when Cellwind impales him through the chest with it, declaring he is 'slain' before collapsing.


Guildencrantz appears as a Caucasian man clad in two hoodies, one blue one with the hood down and a black one with the hood up and pulled tight so only his eyes are visible. Rosenstern is an African-American man wearing a bright red hoodie and a beige/indigo blanket over his head, obscuring it completely.


Guildencrantz seems to care deeply about his children, as he expresses worry for them to his trusted confidant, Rosenstern, who, despite this, manages to calm him easily. He also is dramatic, shouting at Cellwind that he was a 'foul villain', and verbally announcing his death as being 'slain'. Despite this, he doesn't display much intelligence, not thinking beyond ineffectually swinging his baseball bat at Cellwind's staff, even as it is pulled away.

Rosenstern is supportive and seemingly experienced in relationships, reassuring Guildencrantz that he is 'out of her star'. Not much else is known about his personality due to his untimely death at the hands of Cellwind.


Guildencrantz and Rosenstern seem to display no capabilities beyond the average human, Guildencrantz even carrying below-average intelligence and lacking basic combat awareness. Overall, they are worthless excuses for human beings and the world is probably better off without them.


Rosenstern is armed with the Half Rifle. Guildencrantz is armed with the Guildencrantz Slugger.


  • Their status as minor, forgettable characters that are killed in the tale that they are introduced, and their names, are clear references to Rosencrantz and Guildenstern, characters from the famous play Hamlet by William Shakespeare, and the play Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead where they are the protagonists, by Tom Stoppard.