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"WOO HOO! WHO WANTS TO GET SOME?" -ID, about to slaughter some poor sods.

The Half Rifle is a common weapon used by multiple Disappearing Mercenaries and Cellwind, appearing as a assault rifle in the likeness of the M4A1 or M16 series, but with the barrel broke off about half way, giving it it's name. The mercenaries were unable to get any kills with it, but Cellwind used it to great effect in Cellwind vs. Professor Shadow.

ID also used the rifle in the finale of Locked Out. It was demonstrated it has an automatic and semiautomatic firing modes.

Multi used the rifle against an unwanted guest in Multi's Crappy Halloween, although he used it like a sniper rifle with the semi automatic mode.

While the weapon has a busted look to it, in action it has shown to be very powerful and accurate in the hands of a skilled marksman.

How Multi handles Trick or Treaters that take more than one piece of candy.