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ID 359 is an artificial intelligence program and the protagonist of Locked Out. He is played by Multi.


ID is an everyman early into the series. He is passionate about his hobby of vlogging and reacts the way any person would towards the bizarre events that happen in his life. As the events continue and things get weirder, ID has a clear deterioration mentally and begins having a clear existential crisis. He begins to act irrationally and impulsively and enjoys the carnage and violence he causes, taking joy and amusement out of murdering his enemies.


ID is portrayed as a Caucasian teenager who wears a dark blue hoodie, cargo shorts and black sneakers. ID has no visible face as it is entirely glitched face represented by static. Sometimes, bits of a human face can be seen glitched in place.

Abilities and Skills[]

ID is good with firearms and is able to quickly learn skills with very little practice or training. He also becomes familiar with the snap which allows him to alter code of The Simulation to his will. The reason for this comes from the reveal that he was preprogrammed by Jesus and was under his control. As a result, ID does not actually have free will or any capability to make unique decisions as everything is part of Jesus' plan. However, it is unknown if ID is fully incapable of any AI sentience as his personality sometimes changes in ways that Jesus doesn't predict.