I can only carry the finest. Gear. - Jack, being a pompous jerk to Cellwind, not knowing this will get him killed

Jack is a rather unremarkable human that was hailed by Cellwind to be the Hero of Dagenfall, a mystical alternate realm, via a prophecy. He first appeared in Dagenfall: Orgins, and is played by Multicoolmovies.

Jack arrived at Cellwind's house to hear about the prophecy in store for him, but once he heard the full story and learned he was to receive nothing for his work, promptly let out an 'oh well' and attempted to leave. Cellwind, however, was not having it.

Trying everything from pleading to brute force to coax Jack to comply, Cellwind eventually concedes and attempts to have Andrea take over Jack's job instead, citing that he's 'changing the prophecy'. The sheer sight of Andrea, however, makes Jack reconsider, leading to the wizard and him to argue before Jack kills Andrea in a fit of rage.

Jack makes ludicrous demands for his service to Dagenfall, including a sign-on bonus of 6000 rupees. Cellwind is only able to produce 200, coaxing another rant out of Jack which finally brings him over the edge, resulting in a quick skirmish in which Jack is headshotted with his own gun and killed.

He made a second appearance in Seinfeld Quest, living with Cellwind and expressing his distaste over the titular show, citing Game of Thrones as his preferred TV program. Naturally, this gets him strangled to death by Cellwind moments later, his gun used later on to shoot Professor Shadow.

He makes a third appearance in Cellwind vs. Professor Shadow, driving Cellwind to Professor Shadow's house. He initially is unsupportive, but comes in through the back entrance near the end of the video to aid Cellwind in battle. He is quickly dispatched by Samuel Hill, but not before shooting him in the chest.


Jack is the epitome of white privilege. He is an obstinate and pompous douchebag who thinks he's hot shit even though he is a massive wimp and loser. He is dumber than a bag of rocks and expects glory and success to be handed to him on a plate without putting in the work to get there. He is easily thrown around by stronger characters so as a result he is a massive bully towards anyone weaker or more pathetic than he is. Cellwind has to put up with his disrespectful ass every day and always needs to revive him when he inevitably gets killed. Overall, Jack is an utterly useless and unlikeable jackass who is respected by nobody. Also he is an avid fan of the television program, Game of Thrones.


Jack wears a white hoodie sweatshirt with a green bandanna that covers his face. He also wears sunglasses. Like many MECU characters, he uses a gun.

Abilities and Skills

Jack can kind of shoot things, but considering how he wasn't even able to kill Sam Hill at point blank range with a gun, it can be concluded he isn't exactly an expert marksman. He was unable to defeat an elderly man in hand to hand combat either, so he also isn't very physically strong. The only thing Jack succeeds at is getting killed.

Jack got.png
Jack sitting on his ass watching Game of Thrones and making no contributions to society.



Cellwind is Jack's ally, albeit with some schisms between the two. Cellwind regularly kills Jack when he's pushed too far, and seems not to care much when Jack is killed. Still, Jack is willing to do nice things like drive Cellwind to Professor Shadow's house to get his Super Mario Odyssey Collector's Coin.

Samuel Hill

Jack and Samuel Hill are enemies, Jack having entered Professor Shadow's house in Cellwind vs. Professor Shadow to aid Cellwind, only to get shot and killed by Samuel Hill as he approached, albeit not without shooting Sam first.


Andy doesn't seem to view Jack that badly, but Jack sees him with nothing but disdain, citing him as unworthy of being the one to go to Dagenfall, eventually just killing the replacement hero in anger.

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