"GERRY, GERRY!" -Jerry, every time he talks to Gerry.

Jerry is a brickonian and one of the main protagonists of Jerry and Gerry.

Jerry is voiced by Multi.


Jerry is happy and cheerful, but also naive and rather unintelligent at times. He is a direct contrast to his counterpart, Gerry. Jerry is sometimes the voice of reason when Gerry does ridiculous antics and vice versa.


Jerry wears green pants, a green vest with a white shirt underneath, and a brown aviator hat. He also wears only one black glove on his right hand.



While Gerry hates Jerry, it is never truly shown that Jerry understands or cares about Gerry's disdain for him. Jerry often will excitedly rush to Gerry about whatever new thing he has done or discovered. Jerry also appears to fear Gerry when he gets angry and violent. Jerry often pranks Gerry and will play tricks on him. It is possible that Jerry has a hidden hostility towards Gerry that even he either is ignorant towards or attempts to suppress as he has a nightmare about killing Gerry.

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