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Jesus is a programmer, virtual projection, and antagonist in Locked Out. He is the owner and controller of The Simulation and spends much of the last days of its existence playing around with it and torturing ID before he destroys it.


Jesus is very arrogant and believes himself to be a god, which would make sense as he is metaphorically the god of the simulation. The Christian religion in The Simulation is based on him where he placed himself into the world as a deity as a fun easter egg. He is very intelligent and often likes to challenge himself with complex situations as it is revealed that he was pulling the strings of all the situations that happened in the final days of The Simulation just as a sick joke for his own amusement.


It is unknown what his actual face looks like as his virtual projection that appears in The Simulation has no face. The projection wears a grey coat and a grey bandana that covers his entire face. When taken off, all that is under is static similar to ID's face. It is possible that Jesus' human appearance is similar to that of Jesus Christ, diety and main figure of the Christian faith.

Abilities and Skills[]

Jesus is a master of the snap, and is skilled in programming, hacking and editing code. Jesus also has a genius level intellect and complete control over The Simulation. He is able to be anywhere and see anything and uses this to his advantage in tormenting ID. Jesus also has an army of cloned models of his projection that are controlled by simple AI. While these clones are easy for ID to kill, it was all part of Jesus' plan for this to happen as the real Jesus cannot be defeated by ID.