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Jim is a mercenary and a main protagonist of The Briefcase. He is also a deuteragonist in Bob Brick and Trash Attack. He also has a guest appearance as his actor in an episode of Voldemort's Adventures.

Jim used to not need to wear a helmet until a laser shot by Oliver mistakenly hit him and horribly burned his face.


Jim is a strong willed and skilled merc who wants to be the best at his job. He is more serious than his friend, Oliver, but still has a sense of humor from time to time. Jim is dangerous and efficient, especially when he starts working for Dreadnought, he does not appear to get any joy out of the act of killing, it is only a job to him. That being said, he can be very brutal with his methods and will use any means necessary to win a fight. Jim has on numerous occasions dismembered or even beheaded opponents.

Appearance before The Laser Incident[]

In Bob Brick, Jim wears a red and white sleeveless shirt with green pants and a black belt. He wears a red cap which is turned to the side. He has white hair that sticks out from under his cap.

Appearance after The Laser Incident[]

When Oliver fires a massive laser, defeating a large group of enemies in Bob Brick, Jim is accidentally hit and his face is horribly burned. Jim ends up having to wear a white helmet with a black visor to both cover his face and protect it. He stops wearing his cap as well because of the helmet. Otherwise, his appearance remains the same.

Skills and Abilities[]

Jim is proficient with all kinds of weapons, but his specialty is with melee based weapons such as the Halberd.


  • Originally going to be named Sam.