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Joe is a skeleton and one of the main characters of the Professor Shadow series. He is voiced by Multi.


Joe is obsessed with guns. He is very cheeky and has an incredibly immature sense of humor, even by MultiCoolmovies standards. He often pipes in with "that's what she said," when other characters say something remotely suggestive and giggles to himself when thinking about stuff like "69." That being said, he sometimes can take Reviewbot's side against Professor Shadow if he's being irrational or rude.

Joe has a distorted demonic voice and has a signature giggle that he does, often when he plays pranks. He is a big fan of halloween, although he plays much more disturbed pranks around that time from spraying trick or treaters with the hose to putting razor blades in candy. These pranks even disturb Professor Shadow.

Joe also is known for killing random people in the earlier seasons, although he may have stopped doing that. The reason for this is so he can add more skeletons to his Skeleton Army he has down in the Skeleton Crypt in the underworld. While Professor Shadow doesn't seem to mind the violence, Reviewbot has a disdain for it and has been somewhat vocal towards Joe about it.


Joe is a skeleton. That's it, that's all to say. Were you expecting a long detailed description? In all seriousness, he is a white skeleton that has a decently tall stature. He's bones show signs of age as there is signs of wear and cracks. Joe's animated form is an image of a skeleton with a pistol, his live action forms include a 3d model animated in Garry's Mod or a life size prop for when he is just sitting. Joe seems to be able to communicate in an unnatural way as his mouth does not move when he speaks.

Skills and Abilities[]

Joe is arguably the most skilled with firearms than anyone else in the MECU. He also appears to have the ability to revive himself and self destruct in a massive explosion. Joe also has a wide arsenal of weapons at a moments notice.


Professor Shadow[]

Joe and Professor Shadow are close friends. So close, that 90% of their interactions involve them pissing each other off. While they both get very competitive with one another, they have been inseparable for possibly centuries.


Joe and Reviewbot are good friends. Reviewbot is often sarcastic towards Joe's immaturity and has a dislike towards his Skeleton Army, but overall they have a healthy friendship.


E.A.R.L. and Joe have very little interaction as Joe barely met E.A.R.L. when he was first used. While E.A.R.L. seems to have no real conflict with one another, E.A.R.L. still seems to have malicious plans towards him simply as an unfortunate circumstance of hanging out with Jeremiah and Reviewbot.


Cellwind and Joe seem to have a friendly relationship with one another. While they don't have a close friendship, they seem to get along and have a bit in common.


Joe and Nick seem to know each other as Joe was hanging out with Nick when Cellwind attacked him, but clearly doesn't care too much for him as he did absolutely nothing to stop Cellwind from killing Nick.


  • Joe is one of the most popular characters with fans.
  • Joe seems to have a hatred towards "fuckboys," possibly in reference to the "Skeleton War" meme.
  • Joe's uncle is the skeleton boss from the Sega CD video game, Wild Woody, but he seems to dislike him because of his hoarding of gold and wealth.