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King Trash is a Trash Monster and the main antagonist of Trash Attack. He is the leader of the Trash Army, and an enemy of Bob Brick and the students of the Elementary School Cafeteria.


King Trash is a powerful and dangerous leader. He attempts to destroy the school and possibly take over the world to establish trash dominance. He is very arrogant and laughs at Bob's attempts to defeat him. Despite his menace, he was easily defeated by the students.


King Trash is portrayed as a giant, green Lay's Sour Cream and Onion potato chip bag. He has two googly eyes and pipe cleaner arms and uni brow. He wields a club that consists of a plastic spoon with a cookie bar wrapper over top of it.

Abilities and Skills[]

  • Strength
  • Army of Trash Monsters at his disposal

While King Trash is powerful and villainous, he still has a weakness of being crumpled up. He shows great skill in combat by destroying Bob's Robot, but can still be easily overpowered.