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"Suck my cock!" - Lego Star Wars 2, dodging attacks from Professor Shadow.

Lego Star Wars 2 DS Cartridge is a sentient Nintendo DS Cartridge that briefly torments Professor Shadow. While he is able to threaten and intimidate Professor Shadow into playing and reviewing the game, once he finishes reviewing him, however, Professor Shadow is able to beat Lego Star Wars 2 DS to death with the Louisville Slugger eventually causing Lego Star Wars 2 DS to explode violently.


Lego Star Wars 2 DS is a malevolent being that enjoys nothing more than to torture Professor Shadow and force him to play the game. Like Reviewbot, Lego Star Wars 2 DS has a speakonia voice, although with a much higher pitch.

Abilities and Skills[]

Lego Star Wars 2 DS can float for some reason, he also can move quickly, a skill he uses to dodge Professor Shadow's attempts to attack him. He is completely bulletproof as attempts made by Professor Shadow to shoot him with the 34 Chrome were ineffective. He also has the ability to create massive amounts of heat as he was able to increase the temperature of the 34 Chrome significantly, burning Professor Shadow's hand and causing him to drop the gun. Overall, he is a deceivingly powerful foe able to provide a serious threat to Professor Shadow.


Professor Shadow[]

Lego Star Wars 2 DS clearly despises Professor Shadow and wants him to suffer. He most likely dislikes him because earlier, Professor Shadow insulted the quality of the game's content and attempted to flush him down the toilet (unsuccessfully.)