Locked Out is a 2017 miniseries/film created by Multi. The series had 26 episodes and was later re uploaded with all the parts in one super cut that ran at 2 hours and 36 minutes. The episodes were uploaded daily starting on May 1st 2017 with a video called "R.I.P. Annotations (2008-2017)" although the video ended up actually leading into a narrative on May 2nd. Eventually, the daily episodes stopped with the two finale episodes, "Jesus' Army" and "End Game," because the episodes required more work to complete. "End Game" took over a month to complete as it didn't release until June 30th.

Locked Out centers around a man named ID who realizes he is being tormented and stalked by a programmer named Jesus. ID realizes his entire world in manipulated by Jesus and he tries to find a way to escape and survive Jesus' mysterious plans.

The series was done in a vlog style with a first person perspective of the protagonist holding the camera, but it eventually transferred to first person shooter video games, and then ended from a third person view of the characters with the camera being an invisible entity as most films and tv shows are.

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