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Luigi is a warlord and the main antagonist of Bob Brick. He created Bob for the purposes of using him as a powerful weapon, but disowned him when he was displeased with his efforts. Bob and him when end up being on opposite sides of the war that Luigi would start to try and claim world domination, however he was killed by Bob who threw a knife that stabbed him in the head.


Luigi is a very violent and angry person. He often violently takes out his rage on his workers and becomes irate at their occasional incompetence. He has a strong hatred for Bob after both failing him and becoming his enemy. Luigi is shown to be a competent and powerful leader.

Abilities and Skills[]

Luigi is good with weapons, and has immense strength. He also is very durable thanks to his armor allowing him to survive explosions and plane crashes. His armor has an opening in the front which is how Bob was able kill him. Luigi also has a laser, flamethrower, and missile launcher built into his suit which allow him to cause major destruction. Luigi may also have some magical abilities, as he was able to spawn a weapon to fight Bob with.