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M'ra'ge is a wizard and the Head Of Illusion in the Council Of Wizards. He is an Arabian man who used to be a proficient con artist, until he discovered he had actual magical ability. He joined the Council Of Wizards to help teach more people on how to rip others off, but is all around one of the most affable members of the Council.

M'ra'ge's school of magic focuses on misdirection and confusing people. High-level Illusion wizards can make entire structures seem to appear out of nowhere, make voices or sounds that aren't there, and so on.

M'ra'ge is currently suing Disney for their Aladdin films, and has paid for it with the millions of dollars he stole from his conman schemes.

M'ra'ge is a firm believer in the Islamic religion and is rumored to have played a major role in the orchestration of the 2001 September 11th attacks.