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Mario's Pizza Truck 2 is a brickfilm and a sequel to Mario's Pizza Truck. It is the second installment of the Mario's Pizza Truck Series.


Mario Ferrari parks his truck at motel. He asks the receptionist for a room for the night, preferably away from everyone else. He is given Room 104, before he can walk away, the receptionist shoots him and the back, briefly knocking Mario over. The receptionist reveals he is actually part of the mafia as other mobsters appear. Mario takes out a gun and engages in a bloody gunfight that ends with Mario as victorious. A dying mobster warns Mario that Mascosioni will not give up at finding him, Mario tells the mobster he is coming for Mascosioni next and then finishes him off by shooting him in the head.

Meanwhile, Mascosioni is informed at his failure to capture Mario, enraged, Mascosioni brutally stabs the messenger to death with a knife. Mascosioni then announces he will have to get the job done himself.