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Mario's Pizza Truck 3 is a brickfilm and the third installment in the Mario's Pizza Truck series.


The episode begins with Todd Mascosioni meeting with Boss. With Todd are two bodyguards. They shake hands, although Boss appears to care little for the interaction. Two chairs and a table with two glasses of wine enter the room. The two have a seat as they discuss business. Todd explains the situation with Mario and his current predicament. Boss adds some context to the initial events that started off the whole problem (the events of the first episode of Mario's Pizza Truck) and Todd is impressed with how Boss was able to get that information. Boss does not understand where Mario gets involved, he questions whether Mario could be with the police. Todd claims all he needs is some help to kill Mario before things escalate. Boss tells Todd he will give it some thought for 5 million gold up front. Todd is enraged with such a ridiculous offer. His two bodyguards sense the tension in the room and raise their guns. Boss looks to the guards and back at Todd, he then explains how despite his supposed respect for him, he doesn't have the same respect as he did for his father, the previous head of the Mascosioni Family. Todd is extremely offended and threatens Boss, who then snaps his fingers. Two Dreadnought Blades appear and execute Todd's bodyguards. The Blades then knock down Todd and hold their knives to his throat. Boss then explains how little of a threat Todd is to him and tells him that his offer is final. Todd then leaves and meets with one of his goons outside. The goon asks Todd if they're working with Boss, where Todd explains he has a better idea.


  • This is the first Mascosioni centered episode. Mario does not appear.
  • This is the second appearance of Boss. His debut was in The Briefcase. However, Mario's Pizza Truck 3 chronologically takes place before The Briefcase in the canon.