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"Here's your money you motherf*ckers!"

Mario, as he guns down mobsters

Mario Ferrari is an Italian Chef and owner of his own pizza food truck. He is also is responsible for many murders against the Mascosioni Family. He first appears in Mario's Pizza Truck and Mario's Pizza Truck 2 and in many subsequent episodes of the series. He is voiced by Multi.


Mario's Pizza Truck[]

Mario is selling pizza at his truck when a few gangsters from the Mascosioni Family arrive. The gangsters claim Mario is behind schedule on his payments to Mascosioni. Mario pleads for them to give him more time, but one mobster smacks Mario with his revolver.

A nearby woman is horrified by the violence and screams. The mobsters casually shoots her. The woman's son runs to his dead mother crying out for her as the mobsters seize him. The mobster puts his gun to the child's head and tells Mario this is what happens when he messes with Mascosioni and pulls the trigger, killing the child. The mobster turns to Mario and tells him to give him the money or he will blow his face off.

Mario goes back into his truck, but instead of getting money, he angrily fires at all of them with the tommygun. While two mobsters are killed, one survives and demands Mario to face him, but Mario sneaks behind him and knocks him out with the butt of his gun. The mobster wakes up in a dark room where Mario stands before him with a knife. Mario slowly walks towards him as the mobster begs for his life. The video cuts out with a horrific scream.

The next scene shows Mario back at his truck as a customer is eating his pizza. The customer claims the pepperoni is even better and asks if Mario had a new recipe. Mario responds it is a new homemade recipe and laughs.

Mario's Pizza Truck 2[]

The sequel takes place at an undisclosed time after the events of the previous video. Mario is on the run from the mafia. He drives up to a motel and asks for a room away from anyone else. The receptionist recommends Room 104 and hands him the key. As Mario leaves, the receptionist says, "Have a good night, Mr. Ferrari!" Mario draws a gun and quickly turn around but is shot by the receptionist. More mobsters arrive and congratulate the receptionist for his work. The receptionist claims Mario will pay for those he has killed.

Suddenly, Mario pulls a second gun and kills the receptionist. He then dives behind a desk and uses the mobster's own guns to shoot everyone else. The last surviving mobster tells Mario that Mascosioni will simply try again and won't stop until Mario is dead. Mario agrees and says he will be coming for Mascosioni next before finishing off the mobster.

Mario's Pizza Truck 4[]

While Mario is mentioned in Mario's Pizza Truck 3, he does not reappear until the fourth episode. Mario is asleep next to his Truck when he is awoken by a nightmare about Mascosioni. As he wakes up, he sees Frank who requests some pizza. Mario makes Frank his pizza, but is asked about the new, special, pepperoni. Mario hesitates but claims there is no more of it. After Frank leaves, Mario is again disturbed, this time by Regis. Mario attempts to defend himself against this new opponent, but is quickly subdued. Regis explains to the terrified Mario that he wishes to start an alliance as he too hates Mascosioni and wishes to bring him down. The two then team up and get ready to plan a strike against the family.


Mario is a very friendly and happy chef who loves making and serving pizzas to his customers, however he also can be very emotional towards bad situations. For example, when the mobsters killed a woman and her child, Mario had a major freak out and pleaded for his life when the mobsters turned to him. Mario most likely is mentally unstable perhaps as result of the traumatic actions from the mobsters. This is evident from him killing all of the mobsters and cutting them up into meat for the pepperoni. He went back to his happy demeanor afterwards and has no clear remorse for what he did.


Mario is a brickonian giving him yellow skin. He has brown hair, a brown chevron mustache and brown eyebrows. He wears a white chef's uniform and a red neckerchief with black pants.

Abilities and Skills[]

Mario is a very good chef as evident by his customers clear appreciation for his pizza. Mario was also very skilled in disguising flesh as toppings for his pizza which his customers think tastes even better without realizing what it actually is. Mario also appears to be decent with firearms as he was able to gun down two mobsters before knocking out another with the butt of his tommygun. Mario's skills with weapons improve in following videos.