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Multi's Crappy Halloween is a short regaling Multi's troubles with a Trick or Treater.

He is about to go to bed after leaving candy out for Halloween, with the express instructions to only take one. However, the next Trick Or Treater to come to his door sees the rules and decides to disobey, figuring that the rules 'wouldn't stop him'.

Unfortunately for them, Multi wakes up as soon as they start to pilfer excess candy, coming to the door with a Half Rifle and cocking it, yelling at the holidaygoer that they were only meant to take one, berating them for thinking the rules don't apply to them(briefly noting the simple solution of just buying more candy later, but dismissing it).

The Trick Or Treater tries to defend themselves, but unfortunately, are only met with the response of a single shot to the head from Multi. Satisfied with justice served and still fatigued, Multi goes back inside, the video ending abruptly.