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You don't understand! I hate Seinfeld, I've always hated Seinfeld and I always will! And there's nothing you can do to change that. - Nick, declaring his deep hatred for Seinfeld

Nick The Dick is an avid Seinfeld hater, and the main antagonist of Seinfeld Quest. He was played by Multi.

He was tracked down by Cellwind and strangled using the very Wiimote and Nunchuck combo he was playing with(Joe not being of any aid despite being in the same room). He was about to be finished, before the pair were interrupted by Samuel Hill. Samuel tries to get through to Cellwind to accept other's opinions, much to the chagrin of Nick, which seems to work...until Nick's neck is snapped anyways, killing him instantly.


Nick wears a black mask pulled up so only his eyes and hairline are visible. He also dons an unremarkable red t-shirt and cargo short combo.


Nick really hates Seinfeld, to the point where he makes scathing rants on Twitter admonishing the show and any one who likes it. This hatred comes with great conviction, however, as Nick angrily yelled at Cellwind that nothing he could do would change that.

Nick also seems to boast a great imagination, subpar intelligence, or visual and auditory hallucinatory issues, as he was 'playing Wii Play: Tanks' on a TV that was not turned on. Despite this, he is the one to point out that Samuel Hill's nice words wouldn't be sufficient in stopping Cellwind was killing him, getting proven right a few moments later.


Nick seems to be on par with Jack in terms of combat, maybe even less so; The fight between him and Cellwind was utterly one-sided, and unlike Jack, he has displayed no weapon proficiency at all. He is also seemingly of lacking skill in Wii Play: Tanks, though his actual talent at the game was unseen due to his hallucinations.



Cellwind adores Seinfeld, and thus comes to blows with Nick out of principle. Neither of them like the other and are steadfast in their beliefs, leading to Nick being killed in the same video he was introduced.

Samuel Hill[]

Samuel Hill seems to be supportive of Nick, as he tries to dissuade Cellwind from killing him via talking to him about difference in opinion. Nick is either unfamiliar with or ungrateful for Samuel, citing that it wouldn't help him in the current situation. Regardless, Samuel doesn't seem to care much for Nick's life, as he promptly leaves after he is killed, albeit with some slight disappointment in Cellwind.


Joe and Nick appear to be good friends, as Joe was sitting comfortably when Cellwind came by and was content watching Nick play Wii Play/hallucinate. Like Samuel, though, Joe was fine watching Nick die right in front of him and does nothing to stop Cellwind.

Nick's final moments.


  • The black mask Nick wears is similar to some of the headgear worn by the Disappearing Mercenaries, it is possible that Nick is or was a member which could possibly explain Samuel Hill's rush to help.