Oliver is a brickonian and a deuteragonist in Bob Brick. He is a protagonist in The Briefcase alongside Jim. He also appears in Trash Attack.


Oliver is impulsive, clumsy, and sometimes goofy. He is much less serious and more of a comic relief character than his counterpart, Jim. He does understand the seriousness of certain situations, and cares about his friends. Much like Jim, he can often be brutal in fights, although on a much less less scale. He has done things like ram into Tyler with a car, stab enemies in the throat with a knife, or shoot an opponent at point blank with a sniper rifle.


Oliver wears blue pants, and a red sweater with a white shirt underneath. His hair is brown, but bits of black hair can be seen underneath.

Abilities and Skills

Oliver is a mercenary and is skilled in hand to hand combat, melee weapons, and driving. His favorite types of weapons are guns. Oliver also has the ability to fire a laser from his mouth, similar to the Shoop Da Whoop meme, but it is unknown how often he can do this.

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