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Professor Jeremiah Shadow is a cosmic entity who is the protagonist of the Professor Shadow series. He has immeasurable power and knowledge and is obsessed with Video Games, Movies, TV Shows, YouTube Videos, and other types of media. In his show he usually reviews and criticizes such things.


Despite being a god like being with wisdom and knowledge, Professor Shadow is often portrayed as incompetent and dumb in certain situations. He is generally very arrogant and rude to those around him and swears frequently. While he sometimes remains reserved and calm, he can still explode in a ball of rage and is prone to yelling. Despite playing lots of video games, he is not very good at them and is a massive sore loser as shown when he played Wii Sports or Super Mario Maker 2.

While not a normally violent person, Professor Shadow has taken out his anger physically, but also fights in self defense. He does not appear to enjoy killing, but is able to do it no problem without hesitation. Due to Professor Shadow's ancient age and many crazy life experiences, he may be desensitized to violence. Another factor could be Jeremiah's mental stability as his alcholism and emotions may be linked to depression or loneliness. Professor Shadow's lack of empathy or remorse, grandiose sense of self, sexual promiscuity, and need for stimulation may be signs of him being a sociopath or suffering from Antisocial Personality Disorder.

Professor Shadow may possibly be racist as in the Charlie Brown Halloween review he referred to Native Americans as "redskins" and Reviewbot commented how he was more racist than usual implying this is a common thing, although Professor Shadow used it in a joking context not from a place of hate. That being said, Jeremiah seems to have no vendetta over black characters such as Sam Hill and Cellwind (at least over their skin color).

Jeremiah is a raging alcoholic and is often dangerous or unpredictable when drunk such as in The Legend of Frosty the Snowman Review where Joe allegedly had to stop him from having sex with the Christmas Tree. He also has a very high alcohol tolerance as he was able to properly sober up after binge drinking by taking a shower in the Gaming Setups Rant.

Jeremiah's sexuality is unknown, but it is clear that it is an uncomfortable subject for him and often gets defensive whenever his friends bring it up. It has been highly implied he has had sexual relations with both men and women. Professor Shadow is addicted to masturbation and avid porn enthusiast with many bizarre fetishes including Incest, Scat and Scatcest.

While he may not show it, Professor Shadow does seem to care about his friends and enjoys their company. He also appears to want to appear more human by gradually losing his godlike echo in his voice, and uses his powers less frequently.

Abilities and Skills[]

  • Teleportation
  • Cloning
  • Fire based powers
  • Invincibility
  • Super strength
  • Infinite knowledge
  • Immortality

Professor Shadow is shown to have a proficiency with guns and melee weapons as he is likely to use them against enemies even if in theory he is so powerful he wouldn't need them. He has been shot, blown up, and maimed in many ways, but is always able to come back or only be briefly stunned more a moment making him virtually unkillable.

In the Holes review, Professor Shadow is able to have two of himself have a discussion and even kill each other just for a visual joke showing he has the ability to make copies of himself. In the Frosty Returns review he blows up a living snowman with his bare hands, although it is unknown where the snowman came from and if he was created by Professor Shadow.

Professor Shadow is also skilled in hand to hand combat as he was able to hold his own against Samuel Hill and Cellwind and was also able to brutally beat up Towelface. It is unknown whether he lets himself lose to feel more human or if he legitimately is defeated by characters like Sam Hill, Cellwind, and the Lego Star Wars 2 DS Cartridge.



Professor Shadow and Joe are good friends who have apparently known each other for a long time. They both piss each other off and tease each other, but are still good friends.


Professor Shadow is Reviewbot's creator. He seems to have respect for Reviewbot and sees him as an equal, and very rarely speaks to him in the same disrespectful way he speaks to Joe. However, Jeremiah has some subtle jealousy of Reviewbot for becoming more accomplished and successful than his creator.


Professor Shadow is dismissive and indirectly condescending to E.A.R.L by not taking him seriously. He also appears to be partially oblivious for E.A.R.L's hatred towards him and Reviewbot and has no idea of the malicious intentions of E.A.R.L. For unknown reasons, Professor Shadow shut off E.A.R.L and locked him in the basements for years.


Professor Shadow and Cellwind are rivals. While they are often seen fighting they can sometimes make peace and get along. It is unknown what their history is.

Samuel Hill[]

Professor Shadow is very disrespectful to Samuel Hill. He calls him names and mocks him for his southern accent. They were briefly allies because Jeremiah hired him to protect his house, but ended up brawling to the death.


  • Professor Shadow is one of the most iconic and longest running characters in the MECU.
  • Professor Shadow seems to be a big fan of the 1991 animated film, The Little Engine That Could.


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