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"Candy? OH BOY!" -Retarded Door Guy, he was so innocent, so could we let this happen?

The Retarded Door Guy was a guard and member of the Disappearing Mercenaries who was executed by Cellwind. The Door Guy was hired by Professor Shadow and given strict orders to not open the door for anybody. Cellwind was able to negotiate a deal with him to open the door and receive candy. The Door Guy agreed and opened the door for Cellwind only to be greeted with a bullet to the face and no candy.

The Door Guy was hired by Samuel Hill himself as part of a new mercenary special needs program. The Door Guy's brain was 20 times smaller than the average human's giving him extremely low intelligence. Also, the small size of his brain meant that the gunshot to his head did not instantly kill him as it grazed his brain causing him to die a slow and extremely painful death as he bled out slowly, completely paralyzed.


The Door Guy has low intelligence, but is very friendly and full of joy. He is extremely naive and easy to manipulate.


  • The Retarded Door guy is based off the village idiot balloon from the 1935 cartoon, Balloon Land.