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Reviewbot is an artificial intelligence built into a Nintendo Gamecube console, and is a main character of the Professor Shadow series. Reviewbot was built by Professor Shadow and is a close friend to him and Joe.


Reviewbot is usually the voice of reason among the trio. He is a soft spoken and intelligent individual who usually has the most level headed approach to everything. He never swears and is almost entirely emotionless. While he and E.A.R.L. do not seem to have a good relationship, Reviewbot does not seem to understand the hatred E.A.R.L. has for him.

Abilities and Skills[]

Reviewbot is shown to have an extremely high intellect, he supposedly visited Elon Musk to help him work on new technological breakthroughs. He also seems to be very accomplished as he has revealed to be an EGOT. Furthermore, he also has the ability to hack into almost anything, although he mainly uses it to play videogames. Reviewbot is mostly sedentary, but has been shown to be able to move around by hovering.