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"GIVE US YOUR MONEY!" -Roblox CEO, losing all ties with reality.

The Roblox CEO, known as "Boss" by his workers, is the founder and head of the development team behind the video game, Roblox. He appears in both of the Roblox Trailers.

In the first trailer, CEO tries to advertise Roblox for the Xbox 360. He is not confident in his product and tries his hardest to make it look good. In the second trailer, CEO becomes a recluse in a small closet where he mopes and lives with sorrow. He reveals that Roblox on Xbox 360 was a massive financial failure and lost the company a lot of money. He obsesses over trying to reclaim his loses by attempting to release a port of Roblox for the Wii U. It is unknown if development for the Wii U version was ever completed.

CEO begins to lose his mind as he spends hours and hours attempting to create a trailer of Roblox on Wii U, he begins making extraordinary claims about the claim that become more and more extreme and unbelievable until he begins sobbing and begging for people to buy his game. Eventually CEO watches his favorite show, "Pup and Truck" and dances for an unknown amount of time in the dark before taking his own life.

CEO, moments before death.