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Ain't much of a cowboy, are ya? - Samuel Hill, before executing Jack

Samuel Hill is the leader of the Disappearing Mercenaries, and thusly has close ties with Professor Shadow. He first appeared in Cellwind vs. Professor Shadow. He is played by Nopendium.

While working under him, he gets concerned about the status of his men during Cellwind's rampage and heads out to check in. Fortunately for him, Jack was just making his arrival to support Cellwind before being easily dispatched by Samuel, albeit not without wounding the cowboy-themed gun-for-hire first.

After that, Samuel gets offended by Professor Shadow's less-than-benevolent nickname, leading to the cosmic entity facing off with him himself. Samuel and Shadow seem evenly matched for their brief fight, until Shadow deceived him by pleading for mercy. Whether out of naivety or realization that this duel was petty, he helps him up, only to be stabbed several times for his trouble.

On his deathbed, Samuel pleads for forgiveness before being shot by Professor Shadow, seemingly killing him. That is, until the end of episode, where Samuel is seen opening his eyes, alive once more.

He returns in Seinfeld Quest, randomly appearing in Nick's house to stop Cellwind from killing him. While his words hold truth, they aren't enough to stop Cellwind and Samuel expresses distaste. Still, he leaves anyway, as he remarks the person that'll punish Cellwind for his actions 'won't be me'.


Samuel Hill is an African-American male with a black stetson and green bandana around his neck, covered by a beige and indigo shawl, in the same color scheme as the mask worn by some of the other Disappearing Mercenaries. He wears a white t-shirt underneath it, and grey sweatpants while relaxing.


Samuel is implied to be a kind, respected leader, as one of the Disappearing Mercenaries mourned his death after discovering his dead body, and showing concern when his men seem to be in trouble. Additionally, he seems to give a bit of care about the right to free speech.

However, he's very touchy on cowboy stereotypes despite his appearance, seeing as the initial reasoning for his brawl with Shadow was over the nickname he gave him. He is also shown to have a religious side, begging for safe passage as he realized he was about to die.


Samuel appears to be unusually durable; A point-blank pistol shot from Jack was only enough to stun him momentarily, and after the fact he doesn't appear to be any worse for wear when he fights Professor Shadow. It also took several stabs and a second pistol shot to the head to kill/knock him out, and even then only for him to come to an indiscriminate amount of time later.

He seems quite capable with brawling, as he traded blows with Shadow for a while before being defeated, having injured Shadow enough that he staggered for a few moments afterwards.

Samuel is implied to be a good shot, judging by his weapon of choice.

Samuel Hill threatening Professor Shadow


Professor Shadow[]

Samuel Hill worked for Professor Shadow as the leader of the Disappearing Mercenaries, content with his job and diligently checking in with his men. Shadow made the mistake of giving Samuel his nickname, leading to the two fighting. Eventually, Shadow gains the upper hand and kills him.


Samuel was lead to believe Jack was the one causing his troops trouble, as he appeared armed and dangerous in Professor Shadow's house, thus making him an enemy. Samuel tried holding Jack at gunpoint, but Jack shot first, stunning him momentarily before Samuel took him down in two clean shots.


Samuel met Cellwind in Seinfeld Quest, and seemed to want to make peace with him, until he killed Nick, at which Samuel expressed disappointment in him. The two are at odds, but have not physically confronted.

Disappearing Mercenaries[]

Samuel leads the Disappearing Mercenaries and commands the respect and adoration of his henchmen, one of them mourning his demise as soon as his body was discovered.


Samuel cared for Nick's rights in Seinfeld Quest, trying to stand up for his distaste in the titular program. However, when he was killed, he simply left, seeming not to care too much about his wellbeing physically.


  • Samuel Hill's birthdate and place is based off the real Samuel Hill, a railroad executive and world traveler during the 20th century that advocated for the advent of modern paved roads and built the replica Stonehenge in Maryhill, Washington. Additionally, he is a nod to the euphemism "Sam Hill", to mean 'hell' or 'damn'.
  • The music that plays during his fight with Professor Shadow and his introduction in Seinfeld Quest is Deputized by Locknar. Listen to it here.