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The Lego Zombie or The Zombie Part 1, now known as OLD! The lego Zombie My first YouTube Movie, is a brickfilm and video on the channel. It is the first video ever uploaded to MultiCoolmovies on August 12th, 2010 (the same day as the creation of the channel.) The video was edited with Windows Movie Maker and features the song "I Guess You're Right" by The Posies. The song was later swapped for "Devil Woman" by Hugo Montenegro, but was later returned to the original state.

The video was remade in 2012 to coincide with the channel's two year anniversary.


OLD! The lego Zombie My first YouTube Movie


The plot centers around an unnamed brickonian who throws a grenade at nothing and it explodes. He immediately questions his own action before an offscreen voice responds also questioning the grenade throw. The voice is revealed to be a soldier who shoots the brickonian. The soldier leaves, but the brickonian immediately rises from the dead.

Part 2 opens with the zombie walking towards a nearly decomposed corpse with a saw blade. The zombie begins to eat the flesh of the corpse. Later he is seen driving a stolen police car towards another corpse. This time, the zombie has a battle axe. A nearby civilian shoots the zombie. The screen goes black later revealing that the zombie managed to kill the civilian with the axe. A nearby policeman appears and shoots the zombie in the head, finally killing him.


  • There is a long period of black at the end of the video because of an editing mistake.
  • The opening logos state "Cool Movies" and "Super Films." While "Cool Movies" was later changed to "MultiCoolmovies," "Super Films" has never been used again.