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Towelface is a spokestowelperson and enemy/ally of Professor Shadow in the Professor Shadow series. He is a representative of Nintendo games and consoles.


Towelface is an energetic and enthusiastic salestowelperson for Nintendo. He is extremely greedy and only cares about money. He also knows absolutely nothing about games and just advertises them. He is extremely condescending to Professor Shadow, but sometimes allies with him if he sees a way to scam him. He almost always has some new way to be anti consumer.


Towelface looks like a human, but he has a towel over his face. The towel often changes each episode. It is never explained why he wears a towel.

Abilities and Skills[]

Towelface is a master businesstowelperson and great at scamming people for every last penny they got.


  • Towelface speaks with an overly exaggerated Italian/Japanese accent.
  • Towelface seems to be good at sneaking into Professor Shadow's House.
  • Towelface was once seen furiously masturbating to money and selling videogames.
  • Towelface was briefly going to be named Towelhead, but the idea was scrapped as Towelhead is also an offensive term for Muslims and Sikhs.