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Vinny is one of the protagonists of the Clone Comedy series. He is a clone trooper wearing Phase 3 armor who works on the Death Star with his friend, Kyle.

Vinny is voiced by Multi.


Vinny is a pessimist and has a clear hatred for his job which only increases throughout the series. He is often annoyed by Kyle's antics and sometimes tries to talk him out of it (Kyle still does what he wants anyway). However, Vinny sometimes causes antics of his own, such as stealing a chicken from some battle droids and giving it to Kyle, and proposing the original idea of shooting fireworks on the fourth of July.

Vinny hates the Stormtrooper armor and refuses to wear it. He also refuses to wear the first order Stormtrooper armor. On the other hand, he always upgrades his blasters to the latest model, unlike Kyle.

Abilities and Skills[]

Vinny is a soldier so he has proficiency and training in weapons and military equipment. That being said, he is only average at best and generally loses a lot more fights than he wins similarly to Kyle.