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Windcell is Cellwind's brother, and the Head of Divination at the Council Of Wizards. Windcell is the forgotten sibling of Cellwind due to his parents preferring the latter because he could do a kickflip.

Windcell went on to become a recluse, disillusioned in other human beings and yet keeping himself informed on the outside world and trying to learn magic from how-to videos on Woutube(Youtube for wizards). Unfortunately, while this made him unparalleled in terms of knowledge, this also got him very engrossed in porn, so much so that he expanded beyond WVideos to go look at weird shit.

Eventually this came to a head in 2003 when Windcell was found attempting to lure children into his van in a Macy's parking lot. He managed to stave off the police in a brutal 13-hour gunfight before he was arrested and made a registered sex offender. Despite this, he would attempt another act of degeneracy in 2009 where he publicly masturbated in a public pool. He was not able to finish before being tackled by a lifeguard.

Windcell's school of magic is focused on knowledge, insight, and being able to detect feelings and emotions. High-level Divination wizards can learn books worth of knowledge from scraps of paper, and be able to tell when there's imminent danger at any time.

Windcell spends all his money on fursona commissions. His is of a snapping turtle.