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A wizard is a male magic user, usually of elderly age after years of perfecting the craft of learning, cataloging, and mastering various schools and circles of magic, typically in long robes to hold potions and tomes and a staff, wand, or spellbook to channel their spells through. Unfortunately, in modern times, the use for wizards have gone down considerably, making wizards generally outcasts in society prone to murderous rampages for little to no reason.

Wizards also inexplicably are regarded as more of a species than a faction: Wizards have their own tailored pornographic content(WVideos), food(Wizard Food), and diseases. This is another contributing factor to the continuing schisms between wizards and normal fucking human beings, lending to the bitterness and cynicism that leads to wizards becoming hostile and violent.

Additionally, every year on October 31st, Magic Day, wizards are to commune deep within the Northern Cascades to attend the yearly meeting with the Council Of Wizards to talk about any concerns, answer questions, and execute any public enemies, such as those who attempted to sell Wizard Food.

Notable Wizards[]