Woody is a recurring character in brickfilms. He is an immigrant from Mexico he speaks distorted, reversed Spanish. He is shot by Donald Trump, but survived as he has made future appearances.


Woody is a very strange man that nobody can understand. He often likes to dig through trash and find hidden trinkets. Woody's favorite food is a croissant, and he uses a shotgun.



Voldemort invited Woody to his house on Thanksgiving. Even though he is weirded out by him, Voldemort does not seem to mind him.

Donald Trump

Donald Trump seems to dislike Woody solely based on the fact that he is an immigrant. He is immediately startled by him and shoots him in the chest, incapacitating Woody.


Joker seems to have an unexplained hatred towards Woody. Joker believes Woody to be filthy and dislikes the fact that he doesn't speak English. He even attempts to shoot Woody, but his gun has no ammo. This angers Woody and causes Woody to shoot Joker twice, killing him. Woody celebrates his victory by eating a delicious croissant and promptly farting afterward.


  • Multi does not know fluent Spanish, so he writes down Woody's lines in Google Translate.
  • Woody uses the same Lego minifigure and name as the character, Woody from the Pixar film Toy Story, but has nothing in common with the character.
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