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"Got anything specific to say or are you just comin' in here to annoy me?"

Yargos Mascosioni is the grandfather of Todd Mascosioni and the former head of the Mascosioni Family. He is an old, lazy, and near senile old man. Yargos' current status in the family hierarchy is confusing, while he is no longer the formal head, he still has the ability to veto Todd's decisions if he disapproves of them. Todd is shown to butt heads with Yargos, and deeply resents his decision making and constant micromanaging of his choices. Yargos also holds Todd to the standards of his son who is Todd's deceased father, another aspect of Yargos that Todd hates.

Yargos is shown to be extremely irresponsible, spending time with hookers and doing massive amounts of drugs. Todd has called out Yargos for his drug usage, including his usage of the highly dangerous Green Venom. Yargos is also bedridden, although its unknown if it's because he is lazy or if he is too feeble or disabled to leave his bed. He requires his nurse to collect his feces in a bedpan.


  • Yargos is voiced by Nopendium who also voices Todd.
  • Yargos is based on Grandpa Joe from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory by being a lazy piece of shit.